With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing high quality stringed instruments, Cort has raised the bar with the introduction of three all-solid ukulele models that stand out from the toy-like ukuleles that are so prevalent in the market today. ALL-SOLID UKULELE For serious ukulele players, Cort ukulele series adopted all solid black wood for for aesthetic beauty as well as a solid and expansive sound that improves with age. BONE NUT AND SADDLE Cort ukuleles also feature bone nut and saddle for optimum transfer of string vibration to the body and the neck. GIG-BAG INCLUDED This model comes standard with a gig-bag. AQUILA STRING Aquila string is renowned for its superior quality. Nylgut, which is made of a combination of nylon and gut, produces punching mid-range and crystal high. SOLID BLACKWOOD TOP & BACK & SIDES The characteristic of the blackwood is similar to the mixture of several tonewoods. Rich low-end of mahogany, the brightness of maple and the ideal overtone of rosewood. Blackwood is good for both strumming and fingering, and better if used for soundboard CONCERT UKELELE Concert or Alto Ukelele is mid-sized ukelele. The wider string spacing and strengthened string tension produce more tight and loud sound. SPECIFICATIONS BODY Concert Ukulele Body TOP Solid Blackwood BACK & SIDES Solid Blackwood NECK Mahogany BINDING Black Binding FRETBOARD Rosewood or Ovangkol Learn More FRETS 17 Frets SCALE 381mm BRIDGE Rosewood or Ovangkol STRINGS Aquila Strings SPECIAL Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle ADDITIONAL Gig-bag included

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